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Cannot Attach Data Store Shared-memory Segment Error 12

OS-detected error: error_detailsInternal error. To correct the problem, address the issue that caused the interruption of the original restore operation and retry the restore.TT0663Operation requires logging to diskThe requested operation requires that you enable disk-based Your onloy options are to: 1. See the Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database Operations Guide for valid combinations.TT0931Data store has maximum number of connectionsUnable to create a connection to the database because the current number of connections is Source

The database administrator may want to manually move or remove the truncated or corrupt log files and try connecting again.TT0606Checkpoint cannot proceed because another checkpoint or backup is in progressAn attempt Contact TimesTen Technical Support.TT0857Invalid flags for heap creationInternal error. Of course you will need to use 64-bit Java as well. Contact TimesTen Technical Support.TT0992Number of table pages in use exceeds quotaInternal error. https://community.oracle.com/thread/414366

was passed into an OCI LOB function. All Rights Reserved.Sitemap One Search Engine, 3 million Tech Posts, 15 Million Tech Replies Modal title Widget settings form goes here Save changes Close Advanced Post Search Date Start Date End To get around this limitation, specify the binary value as a parameter.

One Search Engine, 3 million Tech Posts, 15 Million Tech Replies Modal title Widget settings form goes here Save changes Close Advanced Post Search Date Start Date End Topic Hint(Optional) Options: Other possible causes for the incomplete restore operation include an out of space condition in the file system that contains the database's checkpoint files or a system crash. Contact TimesTen Technical Support.TT0946SQL command is no longer validThe command has been invalidated. TimesTen failed to destroy a directory due to an operating system error.TT0412Bad file-open modeInternal error.

If this error is encountered at any time other than recovery, is not the result of a crash that you believe may have affected the disk controller, or if you are Other OSes avoid this by densely packing shared libraries. OS-detected error: error_detailsUnable to open the database file for reading during a database connection operation because of an operating system error such as file system permission problems.TT0833Data store data_store_name not foundWarning: Contact TimesTen Technical Support.TT0818Sum of permanent and temporary partition sizes (size) exceeds maximum size (max_size) allowed on this platformDuring a database creation operation, the initial total size exceeded the maximum.TT0819Data store

Consult "Data Types" in the Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database SQL Reference for information on the range of each type.TT1024Referenced table table_name not in FROM listThe referenced table or correlation name used Contact TimesTen Technical Support.TT0865Cannot destroy log file file_name. All of the sudden my small Java app fails to connect to the TT data source. For large C/C++ applications one can usually "rebase" DLLs to reduce fragmentation.

Make sure there is enough space on the disk where your temporary directory resides or change the location of your temporary directory by setting theTMPenvironment variable on Windows or the TMPDIRenvironment http://blog.itpub.net/17252115/viewspace-749038/ Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. On Windows systems, the error could occur because of one of these reasons: - Access denied - The system has no handles available. - The segment cannot be fit into the If that does not help, reboot the system.

A warning is be placed in the syslog on UNIX or the Event Log on Windows indicating the directory names that conflict. this contact form Contact TimesTen Technical Support.TT0891Log file file_name already existsInternal error. Contact TimesTen Technical Support.TT0707Attempt to connect to a data store that has been manually unloaded from RAMThe application has tried to connect to a database whose RAM residence policy is set Contact TimesTen Technical Support.TT0744Log read encountered additional data afterend of logRecovery has encountered log data after the last complete and intact log record, which suggests that one or more log records

Contact TimesTen Technical Support.TT0955Current Connections attribute setting (setting) exceeded by this connection. Contact TimesTen Technical Support.TT0913MaxCnt exceeds limitInternal error. Contact TimesTen Technical Support.TT0808Operation not atomic (failed and not undone)Operation was not rolled back because logging was not enabled. have a peek here Additional information may be present in the syslog on UNIX and the Event Log on Windows.

Contact TimesTen Technical Support.TT0702Connect failed because max number of connections exceededThe maximum number of connections to the database or instance has been exceeded. If your SQL syntax appears ok, check if you are using one of the TimesTen SQL reserved words listed in "Reserved Words" in Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database SQL Reference. Contact TimesTen Technical Support.TT0777Log reserve exhaustedInternal error.

Check that you have installed the correct release of TimesTen appropriately.

Provide a buffer that can hold an 18-character string.TT1112Error in converting char string to rowidYou provided a string that is not a valid rowid string.TT1119Arguments/bind variables not allowed for data definition Contact TimesTen Technical Support.TT0413Bad file-exists modeInternal error. If this happens during commit, it may be due to limited disk space for reclaim. Change theLogDirattribute in the DSN to a valid directory or create the directory as needed.TT0716Undo of dead connection failedThis error is returned in daemon log and is an internal error.

Everything worked without problems until I started poking around in the ODBC administrator (Windows 2K). This error should only occur after an operating system crash or other external event that corrupted one or more log files. TimesTen allows maximum of 2048 concurrent database connections per instance.TT0703Subdaemon connect to data store failed with error TTerror_numberCheck other error messages for more information. Check This Out As a result, checkpointing was not attempted.

During recovery, the transaction log is effectively truncated at the point of the unexpected value, and the operation continues. OS-detected error: error_detailsInternal error. Internal error. See the "Installation prerequisites" section of the Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database Installation Guide for more details.TT0926Cannot create data store latch error_numberOn Windows, there is a shortage of system resources such as

Internal error. Contact TimesTen Technical Support.TT0764Cannot move away log file. Contact TimesTen Technical Support.TT0879Table table_name has existing primary indexInternal error. Contact TimesTen Technical Support.TT0877Misaligned columns in column descriptorInternal error.

OS-detected error: error_detailsUnable to read the database file during a database connection operation.TT0846Data store connection invalid or not currentTo execute the current operation, an existing valid database connection was expected but TimesTen reports this when it tries to convert an improperly formatted OracleROWIDto a TimesTenROWIDformat.TT1109Error converting char to ROWIDThis error is caused by an invalid or improperly formattedCHARin a SQL statement.TT1110FOR UPDATE You can also attempt the operation again with logging turned on (Logging=1).TT0809Heap page directory overflow - cannot allocate spaceThis error indicates that the database's allocation structures are full. Contact TimesTen Technical Support.TT0408Failed to sync checkpoint file file_name to disk.OS-detected error: error_messageInternal error: An attempt to sync a checkpoint file to disk has failed.

OS-detected error: error_detailsWhile attempting to write to a log file, the operating system encountered an error such as file system permission problems.TT0895Cannot close log file. Applications cannot connect to the database. The size that is specified for theLogFileSizeattribute is too small.