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Cannot Attach Data Store Shared-memory Segment

Check the SYS.MONITOR table or use the ttXactAdmin utility to detect whether an application is spending time waiting for locks. Contact TimesTen Technical Support.TT0892Cannot create log file. This opens the TimesTen Client DSN Setup dialog. This error almost always indicates an application programming error. have a peek at this web-site

An application can acquire locks on the entire data store, individual tables, and individual rows. Contact TimesTen Technical Support.TT0805operation_name has not been implementedOperation is recognized by the parser but its functionality is not currently available.TT0806Garbage left on heapInternal error. Make sure the directory has read and execute permissions for the TimesTen application.TT0721No such directory: directory_nameThe specified directory does not exist. If necessary, change the values. https://community.oracle.com/thread/414366

You can easily get into a situation where simple applications that use few DLLs (such as ttIsql) can access a database fine, but complicated apps that use many DLLs can not. Application becomes disconnected unexpectedly If an application becomes disconnected from a TimesTen data store, one of the following events occurs: If there was no outstanding transaction, the connection is cleanly removed If your application hasAUTOCOMMITset to 1, the command failed and the application has no further responsibilities.TT0779Request denied; transaction must rollback because log filesystem is fullThis transaction has previously received error 778. On UNIX or Linux systems, the shmat call can fail due to one of: - The application does not have access to the shared memory segment.

For details, see the description of theLogFileSizeattribute in the Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database Reference.TT0789LogFileSize size with parallel mode of replication is less than minimum size of 8* LogBufParallelism = %" UINTP_FMT Contact TimesTen Technical Support.TT0413Bad file-exists modeInternal error. Contact TimesTen Technical Support.TT0993Number of index pages in use exceeds quotaInternal error. Then use the ttMigrate utility to copy the tables, indexes, and table data from the old data store to the new one.

OS-detected error: error_detailsInternal error. Make sure the daemon is running as the instance administrator on UNIX systems.TT0711Data store creation in progress, try laterThe database is currently being created and, therefore, cannot be accessed.TT0712Unable to lock Contact TimesTen Technical Support.TT0750Log read encountered log record with incorrect LSN at location number -- remainder of log ignoredTimesTen encountered an unexpected value while reading the log. http://oranalytics.blogspot.com/2012/06/timesten-permsize-and-shmmax.html Running out of a resource This section describes what to check if TimesTen runs out of resources such as memory space, disk space, file descriptors, and semaphores.

Contact TimesTen Technical Support.TT0878Invalid column numberColumn number is not valid. Contact TimesTen Technical Support.TT0420Operation is not permitted over client-server connectionsThe attempted operation can only be performed in direct mode.TT0421Invalid file handle (may have been closed by application)A file handle used for Contact TimesTen Technical Support.TT0764Cannot move away log file. OS-detected error: error_detailsWhile attempting to flush file buffers to disk, the operating system encountered an error.TT0867Cannot flush file buffers to disk.

Check the OS error message.TT0868Cannot open directory directory_name for reading. http://www.cornbio.com/oracle-836-cannot-create-data-store-shared-memory-segment-error-22-on-hp-ux/ Try to connect again later.TT0706Spawning a thread in the daemon failedInternal error. You can also use the ttRedundantIndexCheck procedure to discover redundant indexes. Contact TimesTen Technical Support.TT0775Cannot delete log reserve file file.

In this case, the transaction log is ignored, any log files existing are moved to the directory indicated in this message, and the database is recovered from the checkpoints alone. Check This Out Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. Either usettDestroyto destroy the existing database or connect with theOverwriteattribute set.TT0855Top level heap not definedInternal error. It is based on Chapter 1 of Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database Error Messages and SNMP Traps.

UsettAdminwith the -ramLoadoption to reload the database.TT0709Adding new data store to catalog failed, OS error 'error_number'When a database is created, the daemon stores some information about the database on disk. Consider connecting withOverwrite=1to create a new database.TT0823Compact operation not fully completedThis warning is issued when a compaction operation is unable to complete. Do not modify or remove any TimesTen checkpoint or transaction log file without first making a backup copy of the original file.TT0749Invalid log block found at location number -- details: error_descriptionInternal http://electrictricycle.net/cannot-attach/cannot-attach-data-store-shared-memory-segment-error-12.html If you later populate your tables with millions of rows and then execute the queries, the plans that worked well for the situation where your tables contained few rows may now

Contact TimesTen Technical Support.TT0755Cannot chmod log copy file file_name. See "Working with the Oracle TimesTen Data Manager Daemon" in the Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database Operations Guide. Contact TimesTen Technical Support.TT0797Two threads using a single contextThis error is issued by the debug version of the library only.

Automated exception search integrated into your IDE Test Samebug Integration for IntelliJ IDEA Root Cause Analysis java.sql.SQLException [TimesTen][TimesTen ODBC Driver][TimesTen]TT0837: Cannot attach data store shared-memory segment, error 8 -- file

Contact TimesTen Technical Support.TT0766Cannot create log reserve file file_name. Application unresponsive, appears hung This section describes what to check if your application is unresponsive and appears to be hung. Contact TimesTen Technical Support.TT0904Cannot read file file_name for reclaim records: OS-detected error: error_detailsUnable to read the temporary file used to spool the headers of reclaimed log records.TT0905Invalid index identifierInternal error. See "Retrieving update records from the transaction log" in the Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database C Developer's Guide.

This can result in the subscribers using slightly more perm space than the master. This opens the TimesTen Logical Server Name Setup dialog. Deadlocks can be caused if your application issues statements in a particular order that results in a circular wait, and can sometimes be prevented by changing the order in which the have a peek here Contact TimesTen Technical Support.TT0783Cannot sync log file even after retrying for number msec.

Contact TimesTen Technical SupportTT0665The size of LogBufMB should at least be at least LogBufParallelism * 8The size that you have specified for theLogBufMBattribute is too small. In particular, the total of (number of deletes) + (number of deletes to varying-length data) + (number of updates to varying-length data) should be limited to 90, to avoid writing to Upon encountering a timeout error, your application can reissue the statement. Contact TimesTen Technical Support.TT0865Cannot destroy log file file_name.

See "Data Store Upgrades" in the Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database Installation Guide for details. For more information about updating statistics, see "The TimesTen Query Optimizer" in the Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database Operations Guide. Disconnecting all connections and reconnecting may also free up some space.TT0810Pointer does not reference the data storeInternal error. See "ERR tracing" for details.

Contact TimesTen Technical Support.TT0765Cannot create log file copy directory. Add the specified character and try the operation again.TT1756Quoted string not properly terminated messageThe quoted string must be terminated with the character specified in the message. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: 电子邮件 (必填) (Address never made public) 姓名 (必填) 站点 You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. (LogOut/更改) You are Contact TimesTen Technical Support.TT0746Extra log files found after end of logRecovery has encountered log files after the file containing the last complete and intact log record.

nattch shows the number of processes still attached to the memory segment. Contact TimesTen Technical Support.TT0843query/feature is not supportedThe requested type of query is not supported.TT0844Cannot write data store file file_name.