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Cannot Attach To Password Database Interbase

This applet only works on Windows NT, 2000/3/8, XP, Vista and 7. Does that mean it didn't find anything wrong or that it didn't do anything. So I can not turn a blind eye to the apparently increasingly corrupted database. I copied the data from Production to Production_temp, dropped and restructured Production and copied the data back into the newly restructured Production table. http://electrictricycle.net/cannot-attach/cannot-attach-to-services-manager-interbase-6.html

Consult the Release Notes for instructions on how to upgrade old security databases. Firebird 2.0 doesn't have the Authentication parameter. The first problem I had occured when I was restructuring a table called "Production". An older release, still downloadable at http://www.achim-kalwa.de/dl/fbcc-0.2.7.exe, also runs under Windows 9x, ME and NT. http://support.codegear.com/article/36178

Please note that, unlike the applet included with Firebird, the Firebird Control Center will not work with Classic or SuperClassic servers. Lastly, -pw specifies the type of modification: the password. Using aliases, a client can e.g.

Everything went fine until I tried to drop "Production_temp". Vertex Systems Corp. . Write easy VBA Code. If this worries you, reserve filesystem access to the security database (and other databases, while you're at it) for the server process only.

regards Mike. Try running SELECT * FROM RDB$RELATIONS WHERE UPPER(RDB$RELATION_NAME) = 'PRODUCTION_TEMP' and see if you get anything. Columbus, OH Delphi/InterBase Weblog : http://delphi.weblogs.com How to ask questions the smart way: http://www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html borland.public.interbase.general Discussion: Cannot attach to password database (too old to reply) David Fealkoff 2007-01-26 06:28:07 UTC PermalinkRaw https://groups.google.com/d/topic/borland.public.interbase.ibconsole/reaXdikje8o Please be aware that unlike Firebird user names, passwords are case-sensitive.

However, the libfbembed.* libraries should not be removed from your system, because the Firebird command-line tools refuse to run if they are not present. (Another exception is the Windows Embedded Server, For example: A version of the client library gds32.dll doesn't match the server version of InterBase. Rating Article not yet rated. Hoping it might be usefull.

As a rule, only the Firebird server process should have access to the database files. Does that mean it didn't find anything wrong or that it didn't do anything. 4) I looked some older archived versions of the database inside of IBConsole and they don't show All of the system tables are in every database from the instant it is created. Columbus, OH Delphi/InterBase Weblog : delphi.weblogs.com InterBase Performance Monitor -- Analyze and control your IB7 server: delphi.weblogs.com/IBPerformanceMonitor mike Delphi Developer 2003-12-11 03:06:40 PM Re:Cannot attach to password database I finally

One of the fallouts was the factthat I can't log onto the IBServer. this contact form Advanced Search Forum PHP Help Coding interbase: cannot attach to password database, If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. There should be only one copy, and its version should be identical to the server's version. -Craig -- Craig Stuntz [TeamB] . Tighten space to use less pages.

Now it works fine for everybody. I disconnected (I'm doing this on a remote server) and yesterday tried to get on again and to my surprise it let me without a problem. Is the database dialect 1 or 3? http://electrictricycle.net/cannot-attach/cannot-attach-to-services-manager-interbase.html Run Firebird as non-system user On Unix-like systems, Firebird already runs as user firebird by default, not as root.

Anyone make a living with Delphi shareware1. Protect databases on the filesystem level Anybody who has filesystem-level read access to a database file can copy it, install it on a system under his or her own control, and If you think the database might be corrupt run gfix on it and see what it reports. -- Bill Todd (TeamB) David Fealkoff Delphi Developer 2006-10-08 08:31:55 AM Re:Cannot attach

One of the fallouts was the fact that I can not log onto the IBServer.

See Node ID Guide: http://www.interbase.com/tech/docs/node.html For NT, Win95: ---------------------- 1) verify that the file exists in the interbase directory ib_licen.dat [Version 4.x] ib_license.dat [Version 5.x] 2) verify that the registry entry Trouble running gsec If you have enough privileges but invoking gsec results in a message like "cannot attach to password database - unable to open database": You may be running Firebird Pls.) 3 89 98d Compare data between two databases 16 71 46d Entering 24-hour time with input mask and full validation in Microsoft Access Article by: Gustav Entering time in Microsoft You can significantly enhance your system's security if you raise the protection level wherever possible.

It pays to familiarise yourself with Firebird's security-related configuration parameters. As Thomas said, check for different versions of the gds32.dll client and the ibserver.exe server. You cannot use a local connection to InterBase in terminal services -- you must connect "remotely" (use localhost as the host name). -Craig -- Craig Stuntz [TeamB] . Check This Out Today I was working for a while, got off and when I tried to get back got "Cannot attach to password database".

Mixed: The user either supplies a Firebird username and password, or is logged in with his OS account name. Site Map Installation & Registration Annual Agreements Single Incident Supported Versions Installation & Registration Product Support Single Incident Discussion Forums Documentation Developer Network Bugs & Suggestions Examples Audio Audio & Video One of the fallouts was the fact that I can not log onto the IBServer. Applications can not access thedatabase either.How do I fix this?David Craig Stuntz [TeamB] 2007-01-26 13:22:19 UTC PermalinkRaw Message Post by David FealkoffHas a problem with the server last night.

Today I was working for a while, got off and when I tried to get back got "Cannot attach to password database". If application - maybe user has no grant for isc4.gdb file or IB steeings in registry? Quote The next time I logged on all of sudden all (at least many) of the system tables were in my database, but everything continued to work and this is a Everything >went fine until I tried to drop "Production_temp".

Also i heard about bug in IB and clones - if You connect via NetBEUI (string like \\\MyPc\some-database) then Your user should have grants for both GDB file - password and Glad to hear it.