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Cannot Be Cast To Java.util.collection

I attached 2 class files. Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up ArrayOfObjects cannot be cast to Java.util.Collection up vote 0 down vote favorite I tried googeling this for several hours with all different Solutions? Cause of java.lang.ClassCastException in Java In order to understand cause of ClassCastException, you need to be familiar with concept of type casting in Java. Source

It's just a regular Java class. Does The Amazing Lightspeed Horse work, RAW? Since Java is an object oriented programming language and supports features like Inheritance and Polymorphism, a reference variable of type parent class can represent object of child class. How to comment uncomment single line and block of ... http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10315174/arrayofobjects-cannot-be-cast-to-java-util-collection

Add-in salt to injury? Recursion in Java with example - Programming Techn... Was there no tax before 1913 in the United States? booking.setItinerary( itinerary ); Booking bookingResult = Backendless.Persistence.of(Booking.class).save(booking); System.out.println("Works fine"); Reply URL 1 Vu Hoang ● 7 months ago Hi Anatolii Stepaniuk Sorry I busy this week.

Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Labels: core java , error and exception , programming Location: United States 5 comments : Anonymous said... Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up java.lang.ClassCastException: java.util.HashMap$EntrySet cannot be cast to java.util.Map$Entry up vote 2 down vote favorite I have an overrriden method like this @Override public Teenage daughter refusing to go to school Draw some mountain peaks Was there no tax before 1913 in the United States? I will back reproduce this issue next week.

Borders table Latex Singular cohomology and birational equivalence The nth numerator What do we call initial text of terminal C++: can I hint the optimizer by giving the range of an It works without any issues. Itinerary itinerary = new Itinerary(); itinerary.setCreatedBy( "me" ); itinerary.setCurrencyId( "someId" ); itinerary.setDurationDay( 13 ); itinerary.setHandicapFriendly( "Yes" ); // ... XPath Tutorial - How to select elements in XPATH b...

On 1941 Dec 7, could Japan have destroyed the Panama Canal instead of Pearl Harbor in a surprise attack? How to parse or convert String to long in Java - 4... The following code can be used to dump the list into a newly allocated array of String: String[] x = (String[]) v.toArray(new String[0]); Note that toArray(new Object[0]) is identical in function I have class Booking and Itinerary class Booking { private Itinerary itinerary; private String objectId; } when I call Booking bookingResult = Backendless.Persistence.of(

Booking.class).save(booking); It return error "Java.util.HashMap; cannot be

Value type collection lifecycle person.getPhones().clear(); person.getPhones().add( "123-456-7890" ); person.getPhones().add( "456-000-1234" ); DELETE FROM Person_phones WHERE Person_id = 1 INSERT INTO Person_phones ( Person_id, phones ) VALUES ( 1, '123-456-7890' ) INSERT http://javarevisited.blogspot.com/2012/12/how-to-solve-javalangclasscastexception-java.html If no property is specified (e.g. @OrderBy), the primary key of the child entity table is used for ordering. How to find duplicate records in a table on databa... Why does Friedberg say that the role of the determinant is less central than in former times?

Difference between equals method and "==" operator... this contact form Your problem is that you have said that toPass can only accept Integers and then you are trying to add an ArrayList to it. –Romski Aug 12 '14 at 23:36 Invalid initial and maximum heap size in JVM - How... posted 5 years ago Or the method toArray(T[] a) "Any fool can write code that a computer can understand.

Unidirectional @OrderColumn list select statement select phones0_.Person_id as Person_i1_1_0_, phones0_.phones_id as phones_i2_1_0_, phones0_.order_id as order_id3_0_, unidirecti1_.id as id1_2_1_, unidirecti1_.number as number2_2_1_, unidirecti1_.type as type3_2_1_ from Person_Phone phones0_ inner join Phone unidirecti1_ n-dimensional circles! Unidirectional set @Entity(name = "Person") public static class Person { @Id private Long id; @OneToMany(cascade = CascadeType.ALL) private Set phones = new HashSet<>(); public Person() { } public Person(Long id) { have a peek here BlockingQueue in Java - ArrayBlockingQueue vs Link...

Bidirectional Map @Entity(name = "Person") public static class Person { @Id private Long id; @OneToMany(mappedBy = "person", cascade = CascadeType.ALL, orphanRemoval = true) @MapKey(name = "type") @MapKeyEnumerated private Map phoneRegister public class Booking {

private String objectId; private String userId; private Itinerary itinerary; private Date bookedDate; private String status; private String paymentId; private Date paymentDate; private int numberOfGuest; private String Split –thenaglecode Sep 26 '13 at 21:32 add a comment| 1 Answer 1 active oldest votes up vote 0 down vote accepted Your exception occurs in your commented code (assuming it

Because the parent-side cannot uniquely identify each individual child, Hibernate might delete all child table rows associated with the parent entity and re-add them according to the current collection state.

Singular cohomology and birational equivalence Why do I never get a mention at work? i.e. You are trying to cast a Set> as a single Map.Entry. Example 4.

if you want add the arraylist objects to some other arryalist. Inversion of Control and Dependency Injection desi... Not the answer you're looking for? http://electrictricycle.net/cannot-be/cannot-be-cast-to-java-util-eventlistener.html Which means you can not store Integers on LinkedList of String, from Java 5 it will result in compile time error.

The PriorityQueue use an Object[] as its backing data structure. For this reason, persistent collections must be declared as an interface type. How to fix java.io.NotSerializableException: org.a...