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Cannot Boot Off Of Root Vol Plex

Reboot the system. 4. While booting, most disk drivers will display errors on the console about the invalid UNIX partition information on the failing disk. However, it is probably a good idea to create the vinum volumes that way so the resulting mirrored devices are symmetric, to avoid confusion.In order to set up these a partitions This has resulted in some progress! navigate here

This section outlines some of the possible failures and gives instructions on how to correct the problems. Damaged /usr entry in /etc/vfstab The /etc/vfstab file has an entry for /usr only if /usr is located on separate disk partition. If this is not the correct type then you cannot mount the drive. Here's the setup details: I have two identical 450Mb SSD drives connected to SATA channels 0 and 1. https://sort.veritas.com/public/documents/sf/5.0/solaris/html/vxvm_tshoot/ts_ch_Solarisbootdiskrecovery_vm10.html

Thank you!!! Take Plex out of any groups you've added it to.  It serves no purpose.  Take yourself out of the Plex group if you've added yourself to it.  It also serves no To restore the volumes, do the following: 1.

Configurable ControllersThese controllers allow the administrator to specify a configuration for mapping the disks attached to C: and D:. It is mounted however since I can access it. If this filesystem is to be mounted read-write later on, it is necessary to remove the other plex(es) of the Vinum root volume since these plexes would otherwise carry inconsistent data. It was a problem I had. 0 ChuckPa Posts: 7,690Members, Plex Pass, Plex Ninja Plex Ninja November 1 @botchniaque said: Also make sure that permissions to /media and /media/storage1 are correct.

Note that the disklabel will only allow for this overlap if the Vinum partition has properly been marked using the "vinum" fstype. Repeat for tv section. 2 «12» Go Answers trudge Posts: 1,635Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass June 2014 your permissions still aren't correct. In order to set up these "a" partitions, for each device containing part of the root volume, the following needs to be done: The location (offset from the beginning of the https://forums.plex.tv/discussion/112804/plex-wont-read-folders-files-on-mounted-drive-in-linux-mint This program then prepares for the loading of the UNIX operating system, loads UNIX from the /stand file system on the disk, and starts up UNIX.

hi-five james. My folders are now all accessible on Plex. If the plexes on the boot disk were simply stale, they are caught up automatically as the system comes up. In this case, the volume does not need to be restored from backup, since the data is still valid on the valid disks.

OFFLINE Plex State The vxmend off operation indefinitely detaches a plex from a volume by setting the plex state to OFFLINE. In this case, VxVM does not know the name of that disk. When restarted, add movie section for directories storage1 and storage2. It looks like you're new here.

If the controller fails to map any disks when the regular boot disk fails, rearrange the physical disk devices so that the alternate boot disk is mapped into C:. check over here Simple Controllers Using simple controllers, it is impossible to avoid hardware reconfiguration in case of a failed disk with SCSI ID 0. I remounted the drive to /mnt/storage1/ I also changed my fstab to: UUID=448775ff-...... /mnt/parity ext4 defaults 1 4 UUID=3abea078-.... /mnt/storage1 ext4 defaults 1 Please run the following command on server with evaluated rights: bcdedit /enum If you have anything unclear about the bcdedit command you could enter bcdedit /?

I mount them through the fstab file at boot. Since the routines used to parse the name of the root filesystem, and derive the device ID (major/minor number) are only prepared to handle ``classical'' device names like /dev/ad0s1a, they cannot The messages are similar to this: WARNING: unable to read label WARNING: corrupt label_sdo To resolve the issue either you need to “re-add the failed disk”   or  “replace a failed boot his comment is here Even adding the specific show folder does nothing, nor adding the season folder.

Repeat this command for every disk with a failed status. 3. It can also be seen that the entire "a" partition is completely within the "h" partition containing all the Vinum data for this device. If it is possible, I need to find out what I need to change to get it to boot from the second drive.

It also serves no purpose.

If any device name is entered that does not refer to a Vinum device, the mismatch between the major numbers of the pre-allocated root parameter and the driver as figured out It first checks the A: floppy drive to see if a floppy is inserted. I think that the ability to send files to TV sets has existed for what - 10 years - and yet the organizations and manufacturers who produce the needed equipment can't Creating a VxVM Boot Floppy The vxmkboot utility is used to create VxVM boot floppies.

Although it simplifies the recovery process after reinstallation, not having the root disk under Volume Manager control increases the likelihood of a reinstallation being necessary. If the root disk was originally under VxVM control or you now wish to put the root disk under VxVM control, add this disk first. The reattach may fail if the original (or another) cause for the disk failure still exists. weblink This not only solved my Plex folder access problem but a Logitech Media Server issue of the same nature: Screenshot from 2016-08-08 21-06-03.png 37.3K 0 Gustation Posts: 1Members, Plex Pass Plex

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012 1:47 AM Reply | Quote Moderator 0 Sign in to vote Thanks for the response. It is not strictly needed that each of these faked a partitions is located at the same offset within its device, compared with other devices containing plexes of the root volume. A currently mounted root file system cannot be renamed, so this must be executed either when being booted from a "Fixit" media, or in a two-step process where, in a mirror, Note that if this fails, it is however no longer possible to re-enter a string like ufs:vinum/root again, since it cannot be parsed.

That way, during the usual automatic startup, it can continue to mount the Vinum root volume for the root filesystem. The total is in 512-byte multiples. VxVM utilities use plex states to: indicate whether volume contents have been initialized to a known state determine if a plex contains a valid copy (mirror) of the volume contents track You can select an alternate by specifying the disk and/or the kernel by entering the disk identifier and/or the operating system name.

If disks are powered off or the bus is unterminated, correct the problem and reboot the system.