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Cannot Change Thread Mode After It Is Set Intraweb

ICK - I'm getting an error I'm getting an error "Invalid Security Certificate" while using WinInet. 403 Forbidden I get "403 Forbidden" from the web server when attempting to make a Error: Cannot change thread mode after it is set. [SQLSTATE 42000] (Error 262). Encrypting and Decrypting with Blowfish This article shows how to encrypt and decrypt data using the Blowfish component of IP*Works Encrypt. LDAP component to communicate with an LDAP directory server. this content

IPC IP*Works! Receipt Notification for SMTP messages How do I create the request for a receipt when a message is sent via SMTP? My app simply accepts a username + password then looks up that user and displays name and address info for editing. About Licensing in Visual Basic 6 (or earlier) I've already registered IP*Works!, but the About license message dialog keeps appearing every time I set an action. https://newsgroups.embarcadero.com/message.jspa?messageID=850531

OpenSSL Heartbleed: Are your applications at risk? AS2 BizTalk Adapter SHA-256 Support SHA-256 is supported by the AS2 BizTalk adapter and can be easily configured. Delphi: How can I change the password for a MS Active Directory account? Enabling certificates for use with SSL How do I mark the private key as exportable?

Regards, Albert Mulder. How do I list the LDAP groups that a user belongs to? What are the error events good for? (Not VB) I can't seem to trap any error in the error event . MsgBox/InputBox conflicts with IP*Works!

Cancel on SubmitClickConfirm would lock form is LockOnSubmit active Fixed: 184. Regards Zane FYI: Phrase searches are enclosed in either single or double quotes 24-Jul 11:00 utc Operating system upgrade in process, expect some down time. Are you using UrlScan 3.1 on IIS 7.5? 36 ... http://www.codenewsfast.com/cnf/thread/0/permalink.thr-ng1940q10608 Google Drive doesn't have a folder structure, but does simulate such an environment.

How do I send SMS messages? How do I list all LDAP users/members? Fix for back-button and TIWGrid Fixed: Issue with Third-party control design-time painting. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." - Thomas Alva Edison "Sydney Lotterby" wrote in message news:[email protected] > How does one change the thread mode?? > I have no

Terminal Emulation (VT100, VT220) Does your Telnet component support terminal emulation? http://www.devsuperpage.com/search/Articles.aspx?G=2&ArtID=105529 It is installed, but when trying to run the program I get "Cannot Load or Register IPPORT33.OCX" (or other control name) Using the controls under PowerBuilder PowerBuilder complains about missing properties Tempaltes and IWRegion Fixed: 524. bundled with JBuilder5 I received a license for IP*Works!

What is EDI? http://electrictricycle.net/cannot-change/cannot-change-thread-mode-after-it-is-set-c.html It is a v. Jabber Client Creating a full featured Jabber Instant Messaging Client (XMPP) using IP*Works! Windows XP Service Pack 2 Will IP*Works!

How do I tell if I am currently connected to the internet? Has anyone any idea what causes this and how this can be resolved? SSL components work in non-SSL mode? have a peek at these guys How do I change an LDAP password with your component?

support Squid proxies? Zip Connected Business Credit Card Processing & E-Commerce E-Payment Integrator Direct Payment Integrator E-Banking Integrator Shipping Integrator 3-D Secure MPI Accounting & ERP QuickBooks Integrator ERP (SAP) Integrator Internet EDI EDI Tokenization with TSYS in the Direct Payment Integrator This KB entry demonstrates tokenization of Credit Card data with the TSYS payment processors.

Any ideas how you could help us further?

Ping: IPv6 support IP*Works! NewWindow appearing behind current window Fixed: 221. How do I get the CertMgr component to show my certificate? QuickBooks Integrator: Field not updated properly (special characters) When I try to use certain characters The update doesn't work.

Trying to add any Intraweb frames to page in IW 7.0.17 gives the error "Class TMyFrame is not applicable in this module" Fixed: 559. SMTP Error: Relaying not allowed When I try to send email, I get an error like "Relaying not allowed". Responding to SNMP Discover Requests When using the SNMPAgent you will either need to use the AddUser method or use the events to respond to the Discover request sent by SNMPMgr. check my blog SSH Code Example: Public key authentication An example of how to perform public key authentication.

I've been given a MerchantID and a RegKey, but I'm not sure what to do with these. Using SMTP to send email with HTML or Attached Files How can I send attached files or HTML text in the body of my message? For sure we did, this is the dfm of the ServerController: object IWServerController: TIWServerController OldCreateOrder = False OnCreate = IWServerControllerBaseCreate AppName = 'MyApp' ComInitialization = ciMultiThreaded Compression.Enabled = False Compression.Level = Write email contents to a file.

Can your control handle them? AS1, AS2, AS3 Do you support AS1 and AS3 as well as AS2? This command takes at least 2 min to run. Do your components use WinInet?

help file into Delphi? Controls I used VB4's Application Setup Wizard to make a distribution set. Invalid Serial Number and Key Combination I purchased the /n software Red Carpet Subscription, but it is giving me an "Invalid Serial Number and Key Combination" error when I try to C++ Edition?

QuickBooks Integrator: What happened to AcctSync SDK? available for Visual Basic, C++, C++ Builder, Delphi, and Java. How to implement PASV mode (server side) How do I create a server that accepts PASV mode connections? How do I assign these to the ICharge component?

SSL support 128-bit encryption? Getting Started with Xamarin A guide on using components in Xamarin File does not upload With your ASP edition, I am unable to upload a file. Fixed: 209. Fixed: 427.

FTP SSL through a NAT Firewall FTP SSL through a NAT Firewall Stream Support Do your components have support for streams?