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Cannot Change Visible In Onshow Or Onhide Bcb

Added "cpu idle" wait for vblank routine - if it's not smooth on your pc, disable "reduce cpu usage". make sure, that XP Theme is active; 4 compile and run your application. Fixed sound volume rounding, better sound. danish site - GB emulator of choice. have a peek at these guys

on modern videocards, this can be used to select "blurry" or "blocky" stretching, according to personal taste. 8 bits DIB: use together with disabling ddraw. Don't blame me if it damages your computer, or erases your hard drive, etc. Is "she don't" sometimes considered correct form? fixed bugs related to gamegenie cheats and cheats GUI.

Added 24 bpp directdraw support. Again, we cannot see your screen from here; you need to give it to us in your question, or we can't help you. –Ken White Jul 19 '12 at 12:47 add rewritten sound code, improved sound.

Emulated behavior of window (startrek briefing screen). No MDI forms are currently active" Consts_SControlParentSetToSelf, "A control cannot have itself as its parent" Consts_SOKButton, "OK" Consts_SCancelButton, "Cancel" Consts_SYesButton, "&Yes" Consts_SNoButton, "&No" Consts_SHelpButton, "&Help" Consts_SCloseButton, "&Close" Consts_SIgnoreButton, "&Ignore" Consts_SRetryButton, "&Retry" How to make bgb run faster if you have a slow computer Combine 640x480 screen resolution with a small window (1x1 scale) Set the windows screen to 16 bpp. Steps to Reproduce: 1.

fix in gfx engine: dirty statusbar-split in "fortress of fear". Old states are automatically converted/resaved by default. added "delay" option so bgb doesnt have to use 100% cpu. you can add/edit/delete cheat entries, with a code and a description.

Crash/stability fixes. Joystick/Gamepad support, everything configurable some user interface keys are configurable and can be mapped to joystick/gamepad buttons MBC3 Real Time Clock emulation. Redone code which searches GB screen rectangle in border bitmap. 0.85 (2002-10-30) - emulation of 2 joypads for SGB multiplayer. recommended, but disabled by default because it needs a fast pc.

use a 160x144 pixels plain, one color rectangle to define the location of the GB screen. http://read.pudn.com/downloads80/sourcecode/windows/control/308353/demos/Docking/dockex.drc__.htm Sprite priority as on real gb. 0.52 - Added a setting which automaticly switches between the faster 8 bits gfx and the 16 bits gfx when needed. Fixed serial transfer; Mortal Kombat and Alleyway now run. Joystick/Gamepad support, everything mappable to every button some user interface keys are configurable and can be mapped to joystick/gamepad buttons MBC3 Real Time Clock emulation.

added: you can now change the current save name, by changing the save dir in the options, without reloading the rom. 0.87c (2003-04-24) - fixed: the info screen still showed my http://electrictricycle.net/cannot-change/cannot-change-visible-in-onshow-or-onhide-fix.html Added "Tiles viewer". means a gamegenie code changed values in the rom. Added optional screen on startup to tell the user what to do.

here you can change the joypad keys, the colors of gameboy screen, and the sound options. implemented DI+HALT hardware bug now, needed to fix smurfs/thunderbirds again (thanks no$gmb history text). "little mermaid ii pinball frenzy" graphics will be broken until i have exact HDMA timing. minor fixes. http://electrictricycle.net/cannot-change/cannot-change-visible-onshow-or-onhide.html Actual meaning of 'After all' Making a large file using the terminal more hot questions lang-pascal about us tour help blog chat data legal privacy policy work here advertising info mobile

this time i did yet another gfx engine, i didnt like 0.65 being 5 fps slower on my pc. 0.65 - Support for bilinear filter. added VBA compatible RTC loading/saving (in the .sav file). Why was Susan treated so unkindly?

Maximum frameskip option.

BGB can start with no rom loaded - you don't get the load rom dialog. 0.65b (2001-11-04) - i did the changes from 0.64 to 0.65 again... rewritten sound code, improved sound. CH4 anti aliasing, especially CH4 high pitch tones sound better. If you choose to do so, that is your responsibility.

http://www.goodpm.net//DelphiDB/html/delphi_2004120512454121421.html - Delphi数据库相关 bcb和delphi我选哪个? Probability of All Combinations of Given Events Can I hint the optimizer by giving the range of an integer? http://www.goodpm.net//DelphiVCL/html/delphi_2005070710445813822.html - Delphi组件开发 cant make a visible window modal 但是form7.showmodal却出现cannot make a visible window ... news Minor changes. 0.4 (2001-07-24) - Added GBC support.

minor fixes/changes. 0.8 (2002-08-03) - Added SGB support. New in BGB 1.1 (2005-06-27) - rewritten graphics output to allow 24 bits accurate color reproduction. Enable DDraw: disable this to cause bgb to never try to initialize directdraw. note: Click the right mouse button in the emulator window to get the popup menu, from which you can access the options and functions.

Problems solved, more roms run correctly. Which movie series are referenced in XKCD comic 1568? pentium 300 MHz or equivalent: recommended for the debugger features (emulation with break on exceptions, breakpoints, etc) debugger: bgb can emulate some things "like real hardware", such as inaccessible VRAM, "random" http://www.goodpm.net//DelphiDB/html/delphi_2003041508152350444.html - Delphi数据库相关 请教如何在onshow事件里退出.

OAM is now zero filled on reset, sprites were flipped incorrectly. 0.63 (2001-09-09) - minor update.