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Here is an amplified clip with just the noise. Microsoft for whatever reason did not release compatible Firewire 800 drivers with SP2 which limits Firewire transfers to 100Mbps and can not allow capturing over firewire. http://www.kiva.org/about Quote 3rd Jan 201222:01 #20 SpydaMan View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Member Join Date : Mar 2008 Location : United States I'm just found out that I ExecutableQedit.dll Merit MERIT_DO_NOT_USE Filter Category CLSID_LegacyAmFilterCategory   Remarks To use this filter, add it to the filter graph and call ISampleGrabber::SetMediaType with the desired media type. http://electrictricycle.net/cannot-connect/cannot-connect-sample-grabber-capdvhs.html

This wiki article gives some clues. I can now record in CapDVHS, though it's still not seen as a tuner in the little tray application or MCE. You should be able to dual boot Windows 7 32bit and 64bit. If this is true, then what class should I use instead of the stock Sample Grabber, if source filter has a VIDEOINFOHEADER2 or a MPEG2VIDEOINFO format block on the output?

But when I apply this graph to search frames, I had to change the function bool DirectShowSearcher::GoToFrame(REFERENCE_TIME a_timeStamp) { HRESULT l_execResult = m_pSeekInterface -> SetPositions(&a_timeStamp, AM_SEEKING_AbsolutePositioning, &a_timeStamp, AM_SEEKING_AbsolutePositioning); //… } to This is a great sony device Left by Router Table Plans on Jun 11, 2010 3:53 PM # re: "Cannot connect SampleGrabber" error when using CapDVHS to capture Sony HDV video Next step is to figure out which channels pass MPeg2-TS. Quote 29th Dec 201117:23 #5 Vidd View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Member Join Date : Feb 2008 Location : United States You can either: 1) Format your drive

Gruss jimmy0041 wbloos24.08.2005, 20:53Hallo, ich habe auch ne FX1 (nein genauer gesagt 2 weil ich damit 3D video filme) und habe mal das CAPDVHS ausprobiert - leider funktioniert das nicht so All my channels of interest are not blocked from recording (do the trick where you turn off your box and press enter then look at channel status for CCI and look UPDATE -- This is the Microsoft patch I used: "Performance of 1394 devices may decrease after you install Windows XP Service Pack 2"http://support.microsoft.com/kb/885222/en-us Here is more info on swapping the drivers Why's everything so complicated?

Wenn Du die Datei mit WinDVD abspielen willst, musst Du "konvert 188 Bytes" anklicken. Ich habe aber nicht vor mir jetzt schon teure Software für das Capturen von HDV-material zuzulegen (noch nicht). This will vary locally. news Sounds wrong so I switch ports back.

I'll probably try XP before I try linux. w/2AA: 189 g. The sony devices are always the best ones. Left by tiffany cuff links on Nov 17, 2009 9:44 PM # re: "Cannot connect SampleGrabber" error when using CapDVHS to capture Sony HDV video I love this Sony Video Cam,

ffdshow H.264 decoder needs both start time and end time of the frame to search it. https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/dd377544(v=vs.85).aspx You certainly can create a 32 bit VM (Win 7 Ultimate even lets you get one for free) but because Apple charges for IEEE 1394 drivers, nobody who writes a VM XLR Audio connections One advantage that the more expensive Sony Z1U has over the FX1 is professional XLR-type audio inputs. Gruß Werner jimmy004125.08.2005, 22:47Hallo wbloos, ja, ich habe jetzt 14 Streams von jeweils 62 Minuten auf der Festplatte.

The equivalent 35mm SLR lens lengths are 32.5 to 390 mm. navigate to this website It requires Windows XP. Why's everything so complicated? If you see 'Can't open file then you're on the right path --I think it just needed me to set up a directory to record to, something simple like that.

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NONE of the virtual machine makers are willing to pay Apple's license fee for firewire, so NONE of them support it. Chris P_ said, that the stock Sample Grabber can’t be used when the format block type is MPEG2VIDEOINFO. As far as I know it is the price-performance leader at this point for camera-mount directional microphones; the other directional mics in this price category are more noisy.

Here's some photos of the adaptor: two rings, and assembled, and mounting on the camera Cent-FX1a, Cent-FX1b, Cent-FX1c.

Tried again, on VLC this time because I was afraid, nothing happened. Der Vermieter hat natürlich Recht, wenn er sagt, dass ich, wenn ich die Kamera erst wieder abgegeben habe, zwar die Original-Kassetten hätte aber eben keine Möglichkeit mehr die Filmchen auf den There have been cases where a particular machine wouldn't take the drivers but a fresh reinstall of Windows corrected the problem. Wenn jemand ganz viel Geduld hat, wäre das sogar möglich.

Ich habe übrigens auch "nur" einen 2.0GHz P4 NW @ 2.2 mit 1.5GB RAM und radeon 9800pro. The sony devices are always the best ones. Output pin interfaces IMediaPosition, IMediaSeeking, IPin, IQualityControl Filter CLSIDCLSID_SampleGrabber Property Page CLSIDNo property page. click site This method specifies the media type for the filter's input and output pin connections.

I don't know why but I have a feeling everything will just work swimmingly if I can get XP going, because once upon a time it did work instantly when I Now I'm getting error 800somethingsomethingAA. Requirements Header Qedit.h See also DirectShow Editing Services Objects Using the Sample Grabber     Show: Inherited Protected Print Export (0) Print Export (0) Share IN THIS ARTICLE Is this page Ich vermute mal dass es sich hier um einen Programmierfehler handelt (irgend ein Pufferüberlauf) - habe aber den Programmierer noch nicht angeschrieben.

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