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Cannot Connect Samplegrabber To Capture Device

For saving video with videocompressing just use the normal file saving procedure and add the video compressor to the graph. If you would like to refer to this comment somewhere else in this project, copy and paste the following link: Voc - 2010-09-30 I forgot to mention that I ran the hodka commented May 10, 2013 The root of the problem is the ViewSize set for the webcam. almere10928-Feb-11 1:57 almere10928-Feb-11 1:57 I just how difficult the software is to compile with Visual Studio C# 2008 (express edition). 1. news

We are blazing a trail figuring things out on our own as it is, with XP and MCE! Left by Grinding media on Dec 16, 2009 2:36 AM # re: "Cannot connect SampleGrabber" error when using CapDVHS to capture Sony HDV video When everybody's somebody then nobody's anybody. I'm not quite sure where my C++ filter would be calling C# code, I thought it worked the other way around. Is there a way to insert the sample grabber automatically ??). http://geekswithblogs.net/lorint/archive/2009/01/02/128316.aspx

hr=0x%x"), hr); > return hr; > } > // Add our graph to the running object table, which will allow > If it occurs more often, I will add another step of switching to lti-civil first, retry to connect and if there is still a problem then show the error message. Sign In·ViewThread·Permalink Re: ERRORS ANYWHERE SOURCE (ole32.dll), NO ERRORS ON DEMO ¿? Please advise!!!!

Sign In·ViewThread·Permalink Re: Error HRESULT E_FAIL almere10928-Sep-11 23:34 almere10928-Sep-11 23:34 I did not test the Cue function explicitely so it might be caused by a nasty bug. Any help would be appreciated. hr=0x%x"), hr); } // Remember current state g_psCurrent = Running; return S_OK; Quote:} Top SampleGrabber does not work by Andy Or is the contents just scrambled mess?

Try not using CapDVHS and use VLC instead, and select 'directshow source'. However, that's not what they did. My post in the msdn forum can be found here: http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en- AU/windowsdirectshowdevelopment/thread/a4c92ec9-a3c2-49fd- a7e0-478a99e87c43?prof=required Again many thanks for your input thus far Snarfle. Step by step.

Has anyone gotten Virtual Machine Additions to work under 2008 Server Core RC0? Search Comments Spacing RelaxedCompactTight Layout NormalOpen TopicsOpen AllThread View Per page 102550 First PrevNext this.audioGrabber = null in EnableEvent(AudioFrame) Member 125567546-Jun-16 4:04 Member 125567546-Jun-16 4:04 Hello there, Can you wasifmirza commented Jan 18, 2015 @sarxos what if i use usb 3.0 . You will never regret to buy the goods from us.

Instead, the problems is deeper and caused by the following error "ERROR: Could not connect pins - RenderStream()" ... http://stackoverflow.com/questions/36556174/how-can-i-add-a-sample-grabber-filter-to-the-graph-i-have-so-i-can-save-images-v When capturing w/CapDVHS, it shows a bitrate of 45mbps & 65mbps. But > as soon as I want to actually take samples it doesn't work. Yes to the first question.

If I got $143 a year from every single person in America, I could do alot of spying. http://electrictricycle.net/cannot-connect/cannot-connect-to-next-device.html hr=0x%x"), hr); > } > IPin * pGrabOut = GetOutPin( pGrabber, 0 ); > IPin * pNull = GetInPin (pNullRend, 0); > hr = g_pGraph->Connect( pGrabOut, pNull ); If you did, please make a graphic dump of the video device filter. Click start / all programs / accessories / command prompt cd to the folder where you saved firestb.msi enter: MSIEXEC /i firestb.msi IDENT=0 GregW is offline Quote post #2875 of

Connection times are sped up x10 // for audio with just this minor modification! //---------------------------------------------------------------------------- class CSampleGrabberInPin : public CTransInPlaceInputPin { friend class CSampleGrabberAllocator; friend class CSampleGrabber; CSampleGrabberAllocator * m_pPrivateAllocator; ALLOCATOR_PROPERTIES We provide you the best quality replica handbags. Sign In·ViewThread·Permalink Adjusting the audio record duration? More about the author Left by designer handbag on May 25, 2010 3:48 AM # re: "Cannot connect SampleGrabber" error when using CapDVHS to capture Sony HDV video Thanks for sharing the methods to solve

I changed the '2005' in filenames into '2008' (change not needed) 7. I have a single Comcast Moto 6412 PII. Blu-ray Software Blu-ray Disc Great Found Deals!

Thanks so far.

Check in device manager. It expects a COM pointer to Sample Grabber Filter instance. Other hardware is that of a capable gaming rig. I will setup a 64 bit VS2008 build environment and do additional investigations.

How can I adjust the record duration? Did you do some debugging? I am so overwhelmed and confused after reading all of this. click site Your work on webcam is appreciable and i liked it.

USB 2.0. 7 slots. doesnt record anything I recorded off 5C channels (didn't expect it to) but it works with clear stuff. Dos print with canon-does not work. 10. Downloaded and installed the latest DirectX SDK 3.

The Channel.exe program works: C:\\Program Files\\Timmmoore\\MCE 2005 STB Controller>channel -v -a4 2 11 Firewire STB channel changer V1.0.15, by timmmoore Device 2 Channel 11 Timeout 100 Dec 0 1 "FireBus MPEG2TS The sony devices are always the best ones. The USB ports and whole communication is being done by your operating system. I did not test the software on DirectX 11, but I would expect the software works on that.

webcam-capture owner sarxos commented May 10, 2013 Here you can find some usable information of how to enable debug logs. hr=0x%x"), hr); return hr; } hr = g_pGraph->AddFilter(pRend, L"Video Renderer"); if (FAILED(hr)) { Msg(TEXT("Failed to add video Thanks! If you would like to refer to this comment somewhere else in this project, copy and paste the following link: snarfle - 2010-10-05 Have you Enabled unmanaged code debugging?

If the window is not completely visible, then those pixels simply do not exist. " Another problem is that I can't find the legato game capture device in graphedit. The only way to stop camera taking pictures is to close() it. Sign up for free to join this conversation on GitHub. Thanks for the great informative post and you effort.I think the above article is valuable for all concerned people. Sign In·ViewThread·Permalink Need a little help igorye24-Feb-14 21:32 igorye24-Feb-14 21:32 Great article!