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If the autochanger is in sequential mode, change the setting to random mode. And boy did I feel stupid for not realizing that immediately. For example, a backup tape that is reported as only "13% used" and marked as "full" has a bad spot on 13% of the length at the beginning of the tape. Delete the Client resource configured for the old client name. 2. my review here

eg to load sjimm scsidev < at > 0.4.0 slot 4 drive 1 eg to unload : from node reading/writing on tape mt -f \\.\Tapexxxxxxx offline then from node managing robotic The installation script asks for the SCSI ID of the robot mechanism, not the tape drive. Files recovered by a user other than root, operator, or the operator group will be owned by that user. Inspect the following items to verify that the autochanger is properly connected.

Too Many Indications Attempted - Discarding One

Btw u got great memory. A client alias change is needed for the following situations: Machines that have two or more network interfaces Sites that mix short and "fully qualified" hostnames for the same machines; for If you change the name of the client, the index for that client is no longer associated with the client, and the client will not be able to recover any files

File Changed During Backup Backup backs up the image that is in the filesystem at the time it comes across the file. Following are descriptions of error messages that may appear in the savegroup completion mail. Close this window and log in. Once you manually insert the tape, then you mount the tape by using the nsrmm command, or though the NMC GUI.

How to Test the Device Driver Installation After you install the Backup device driver software, use the lusdebug program to verify the server connection and the jbexercise program to test the Networker Unable To Send Indication To Jobs How to set the TCP/IP keep alive in Windows Introducing NetWorker 8 What is De-duplication EMC boosts data backup, dedupe and replication too... Autochanger Operations This section explains how to resolve problems encountered with the use of an autochanger with Backup. The equivalent for a stand alone tape drive is just to manually load the tape into the drive, i.e.

: My Account Welcome, Log out View or Edit Profile Find a CommunityExploreContentPeoplePlacesEventsEvents HomeEMC ForumEMC WorldLive EventsCreateLogin / RegisterHelpSearch ´╗┐ Find Communities by: Category | Product Big Data Cloud Content Management Use the same configuration choices for the new client that you used originally for the old client. 2. Never mix Differential and Single-Ended devices. It could be far less or far more, depending on the kind of data being backed up.

Networker Unable To Send Indication To Jobs

To avoid this, make sure that the Backup server and the client are in the same time zone and have their clocks synchronized. However, before running scanner, you need to make sure that the volume pool that the tape belongs, as well as all the client that have saveset backups on that tape, is Too Many Indications Attempted - Discarding One Confirm and manage identities. 98519:save: Unable To Setup Direct Save With Server For example, if a non-compressing drive writes 2 GB of data to a specific tape, the compressing drive could write 10 GB, 2 GB, 5 GB, or some other unpredictable amount

To restart the daemons, become root and enter the following command at the shell prompt: -------------------------------- # /etc/init.d/networker start -------------------------------- Saving Remote File Systems You may receive the following error messages this page Type in the block size; it must be an integer equal to or greater than 32. Determining the Backup Server If you start Backup from a remotely mounted directory, you may receive the following message: -------------------------------------------------------- Using server server_name as server for client_name. -------------------------------------------------------- Backup looks for This is done by reading a record of data written to the media and comparing it to the original record.

If he did not receive call then leave VM. Resources Join | Indeed Jobs | Advertise Copyright © 1998-2016 ENGINEERING.com, Inc. To restart the nsr daemons, enter nsrd at the system prompt: --------- # nsrd --------- Saving Remote Filesystems You may receive the following error message in your Savegroup completion notification when get redirected here S 23:45 /usr/etc/nsrindexd 160 ?

S 0:01 /usr/sbin/nsrindexd 12232 ? Files recovered by a user other than root, operator, or the operator group will be owned by that user. By rpcinfo you might see nsrexec service running but for networker server nsrmm, nsrindexd like many services starting with nsr should display.


At any tape error, Backup marks the tape full. Alternatively, you can use nsr_ize -c -u or pkgrm SUNWsbuc to de-install the client software, entering no whenever it asks you questions. Checking the Backup Daemons If you have trouble starting Backup, the daemons may not be running properly. This tape can still be used for recoveries, but may not be used for any more backups.

You will need to provide the information described in "Before You Call Technical Support" on page 241 and the captured output of the jbexercise, sjiinq, and sjirjc programs. RE: RPC error: Program not registered 01merlin (IS/IT--Management) 7 Apr 03 23:35 Hi,I'm presently having the same problem right now and I've also done the same things as clonny2 did. On the Backup client: ping the client short name (host name) from the client ping the client long name (host name plus domain information) from the client ping the client IP useful reference Dell Technologies┬ę 2016 EMC Corporation.

Use the same tests with rpcinfo as with ping. Become root on the Backup server. 3. The nwrecover program is unable to recover data until the client index has entries for browsing. Ordinarily, I would do it from NMC, and just choose "Mount" (there is no load, on a stand-alone tape device).

On the Backup server, list the Backup server itself and all of its clients, for example: ------------------------------------------ localhost loopback 123.456.789.111 server server.domain.com 123.456.789.222 client client.domain.com ------------------------------------------ 3. Verify that the SCSI bus is properly terminated and is within the length specified by ANSI SCSI-II specifications (ANSI X3.131-1994). If you want save sets to appear separately during retrieve, archive them separately. Also if you run nsrwatch -s you will see following error. *** Server XXXXXX is unavailable: Program not registered You need to also add this when you send email.